Grand Entry, Tamkaliks Celebration, Wallowa, Oregon, 2006 by Sue Reynolds

Grand Entry, Tamkaliks Celebration, Wallowa, Oregon, 2006 by Sue Reynolds

Early Recognition for Everyday Native Teacher's Resource

"The photography is exquisite, the poems breathtaking. There are extended opportunities for learning, including comprehensive questions and activities.

~ C. Ranch, California

"An outstanding website!  The content is extraordinary…I’ll share with all the 4th and 5th grade teachers at my school."

~ M. Bupp, California

"The information provided is great and I can use some for compare/contrast with other classes…such as World History, Government and U.S. History."

~ C. Scott, Idaho

"Understanding is vital and this resource puts that at teachers’ disposal."

~ A. Maughn, Montana

"Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work and for helping to create a better understanding of Native culture for Non-native students and educators. I look forward to sharing this resource with other teachers."

~ L. Snoke, Montana


Praise for Sue Reynolds and Victor Charlo's Collaborative

Photo-Poetry Book

"(The Still Here book and exhibit are)...history-making in their collaborative content which embodies...success at creating understanding between Natives and non-Natives and helps to create new perceptions that break down stereotypes and honor tribal ways."

~ Former California Senator now U.S. Congressman Mark DeSaulnier,

Senate Resolution

"The (Still Here) book and its accompanying exhibit serve to illustrate the resiliency of Native cultures, combating cultural stereotypes by fostering new, more accurate perceptions of Native peoples."

~ U.S. Congressman George Miller, Blog Post

" her first powwow at the Flathead Reservation Reynolds felt an immediate affinity with her hosts.  She liked the emphasis on 'slowing down and returning to more traditional values' and became determined to help heal past injustices and modern prejudice."

~ Inside Bay Area

"The Congressman's recognition (of the Still Here book) means more Americans everywhere are becoming interested in Native Americans, beyond preconceived notions...maybe that will lead them to get to know the Native people in their own communities."

~ Indian Country Today

"Listen to San Francisco Bay Area photographer Sue Reynolds and American Indian poet Victor Charlo talk about their book Still Here: Not Living in Tipis."

~ Montana Public Radio

"Still Here combats poverty porn with photographs and poems celebrating contemporary Native American life. (Victor) Charlo wanted to be part of the project because he didn't see a lot of information or art about contemporary Native Americans, aside from negative news. He stresses the power of genuine alliances and understanding between Native and non-Native peoples...'We have to stick together.' "

~ Missoula Independent

"Sue is the rare photographer of Native American people today whose powerful cross-cultural work is bringing non-Native and Native people together to create change."

~ Fine Arts Magazine

"The result (of Still Here) is an immersive experience in ancient traditions and what it means to be Native American today from Native and non-Native perspectives."

~ Montana Arts Council

"Sue Reynolds was recently honored by U.S. Congressman George Miller."

~ National Museum of the American Indian, Facebook

"You (Sue Reynolds) represent a very positive image of Native Americans...that is appreciated within the Native community."

~ Bay Native Circle, KPFA